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How to use a Mixer for your Guru Streaming, using RadioDJ ?

Sooner or later, you will find that a hardware mix table is something that cannot be replaced by a piece of software in a radio station. There are several reasons why software mixers are not the best choices: delay, hard to control with the mouse/keyboard, the lack of feedback.

That is why we recommend RadioDJ, as it allows you to send separate outputs to your mixer, if you are using multiple sound cards, or sound cards with multiple channels (4.0/5.1/7.1). In this way you have total control of your levels for main playlist, aux players, sweepers, monitor and voice tracks.

For simpler setups, when your mixer doesn’t have many input channels and when you want to use a microphone, you can use RadioDJ’s internal mixer, so all sounds from RadioDJ will be routed to one sound card output. Even so, i recommend you to use at least a 5.1 sound card and to route the monitor to a separate output, like in the scheme below:

GuruStreaming Mixer Setup for Streaming

Using this type of setup, the mixer’s main output is sent back to the computer to the line-in, making your mix available to any the AAC/MP3 encoder that will send to GuruStreaming Server.

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